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Jun Nakabayashi

Jun Nakabayashi has been active in both symphonic and operatic field for the past thirty years. Currently Music Director for Taconic Opera (Peekskill, NY), Nakabayashi holds a repertoire of more than 100 symphonic works and 30 operas. 

Working since its inception, Nakabayashi contributed in ensuring the reputation of Taconic Opera as a company that can present challenging works in the highest quality. 

Strongly interested in working with young musicians, Nakabayashi has enjoyed conducting at San Jose State University, at the Bay Area Summer Opera Theater Institute in San Francisco, and Opera Academy of California. He has been Music Director of the Hoff Barthelson Music School Festival Orchestra since 2001.



Haven't you ever wished to perform a certain piece of music, but it seems impossible because the music requires a huge orchestra?  It was my dilemma for a long time, and now I have found my own solution---"Re-orchestration".  The all three pieces listed here require just 12 orchestra players or fewer.

You can purchase the parts and the score in my shop


And here is my newest work----Bach's The Art of the Fugue for a full orchestra----The Master's last work

 “Music begins where the possibilities of language end.”

Jean Sibelius

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All the videos

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